Category: Announcements

  • Queye will be powered by sources that are 100% renewable by Dec 2023.

    Queye will be powered by sources that are 100% renewable by Dec 2023.

    Queye has made an announcement to be 100% powered by renewable sources by December 2023. Our hosting partner’s new datacenter is based in The Netherlands and is powered by sources that are 100% renewable.

  • The Dneail Corporation is no more.

    The Dneail Corporation merges into Queye.

  • Plan B for Queye

    On AwesomeThings 4, we announced the international plan for Queye. After was taken from us, we instead, decided to go to Plan B; The Local Domain Plan. We are going to have all languages as subdomains like or Edit: We have decided to go with Plan C; The Query Parameter Plan. The…

  • Queye is finally available in China.

    We, as a company, have decided to allow Chinese visitors to use Queye to search the web. Why was Queye banned in the first place? Because of the censorship of the CCP, Queye felt afraid that the Chinese government would shut them down because they provided information about Taiwan – something the government doesn’t want…

  • DOT will cease operations

    DOT will transfer operations to Queye.

  • Introducing Queye 2.0

    Dneail announces a new Queye and retires Dash and Atlas.

  • Dneail Search is now Queye.

    This post was found without a date. The date listed is an estimate. Introducing Queye, the brand-new Dneail Search. Why did you switch it? On most browsers Dneail Search recommendations would appear as “Dneail Search Search”. So we switched. Why “Queye”? The Transbanian word for “query”. New Logo