Queye stands with the people of Israel

This post may be confronting to some. Reader discretion is advised.

Last Saturday, thousands of rockets were fired at the people of Israel. Many of these were completely innocent people who never have done anything wrong in their lives.

But, Hamas, the terrorist organisation in the Gaza Strip didn’t care. Hamas is pure evil. Hamas is as bad as ISIS. Hamas doesn’t want peace. Hamas only wants death.

We really didn’t want to make this blog post, because we hoped that the war wouldn’t last this long but here we are.

As an information company, it is part of out core beliefs that everyone deserves the right to freedom of information, so that’s why Queye will not be sanctioning Iran, Lebanon or other Palestine-aiding countries.

Furthermore, Queye also believes that it’s important for Palestinian people to also access crucial information, during these times. Which is why, starting today, Queye will lift restrictions for Palestinian ISPs.

Although we stand with Israel, our information is never biased. This is important, because we said that our mission to “provide unbiased information”, but we never said that as a company we can be unbiased.

No matter the case, whether it’s Russia and Ukraine or Israel and Palestine, Queye strongly believes that sanctions are useless and, instead cause innocent people who have done nothing wrong have limited internet access just because they live in a country that’s at war.

We strongly urge everyone to get educated on this topic and end the disgusting rallying we saw in Sydney last week. It’s important that we all stand with Israel and finally bring peace in the Middle East.


We still acknowledge the severity of the situation and we understand that both Palestinians and Israelis are suffering. Queye will not be donating anything to any side during this conflict.

We understand that the majority of Palestinians are innocent and wish for peace as do we. We also understand that the vast majority of Israelis are innocent and wish for peace as do we.

We’re here for peace but stand strongly against Hamas. We condemn their actions, they are wrong and unjustifiable. They do not care for civilian lives, Palestinian or Israeli.

We wish for peace!