Queye News now has new ways to stay on top of news

A month ago, we launched Queye News to cover events in the Israeli-Hamas war. Today is a month an astonishing 45 articles in 31 days! On average, that’s about 1.5 articles a day. And over 80% of articles are written by just one reporter; Marc Corbac.

Today, we introduce three big things;


For a while, we put Queye News on news.queye.co, but we realised we couldn’t leave it on a subdomain because of how well it was growing. So we bought a domain name.

Queye News Daily podcast

Queye News now has a podcast. Available everywhere, including:

Queye News on Google Play

Queye News now has an app on Google Play for almost all Android devices.

Soon, we’ll introduce email subscriptions. Keep reading!