Two new features that make Queye stand out

We’re excited to introduce two new features that will greatly enhance your Queye experience:

Queye Accounts

We’re thrilled to announce a major upgrade to the Queye experience with the introduction of Queye Accounts. This new feature integrates the superior functions of “My Queye” with an added Search feature directly within the user interface. As an added bonus, engaging with our service now earns you points that can be exchanged for premium gift cards. To take advantage of these new features, simply visit your account page to enroll or update your current membership.

We invite you to explore the enhanced functionalities of Queye Messages. Designed to facilitate connections, Queye Messages combines the convenience of email with the immediacy of modern digital communication. Users can now send messages to each other using a simple format: This feature streamlines communication among Queye members, eliminating the need for personal email addresses.

Additionally, we remain committed to your online privacy and autonomy. Our robust privacy framework ensures a secure and private digital experience while enabling networking and communication.

Queye AI

We’re excited to announce the integration of Queye AI, a state-of-the-art virtual assistant designed to enhance your search experience.

Queye AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to interpret and process your search queries, providing precise responses and offering three additional questions to deepen your understanding. This innovative feature delivers direct answers and context without the need to sift through numerous search results.

To access Queye AI:

  1. Ensure you have an active account on Queye Search and are logged in.
  2. Input your query into the search field and click ‘Ask’ to receive a comprehensive analysis.

Queye AI is ideal for those who value efficiency and accuracy in information retrieval, including academics, industry experts, and the intellectually curious.

For more information on optimizing your use of Queye AI, please visit our help section: Using Queye AI.

Discover the advanced capabilities of Queye AI and elevate your research with cutting-edge technology.